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Towards a proactive brand management on the Internet

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What exactly does manage a brand online means?

In the real world it is clear that managing a brand is to ensure the quality of a product or service and communication thereof to transmit the desired values. Brand management has as main objective the increase in product margin and the loyalty of our customers

On the Internet the answer is identical, however, the tasks involving brand management in the online world are much more diffuse. Currently, these tasks are categorized into three main groups:

    1. Legal involves to defend the rights of a company’s brand and usually focuses on preventing theft or misuse of it


    1. Notice: It deals with generating and responding to communications, opinions and comments referring to the brand.


    1. Strategic: is responsible for monitoring the implementation strategic aspects of the brand, such as pricing policies or sale on the Internet


So far, the brand management approach within these three areas the focus has been predominantly defensive and reactive. That is to say, they tend to act when to confront or avoid a crisis communication or serious violation of the trademark concerning their reputation and image.

According to this model, in the legal area are monitored the fake products, phishing or domain hijacking are monitored; in the area of communication, it reacts to the negative reviews; and strategic it acts on those distributors and partners who fail to comply with the agreed arrangements.

proactive brand management
While sporadic crises are very difficult to eradicate, a purely defensive approach is very expensive. In this model, the goal is to eliminate anything that harm us (counterfeits, negative reviews unjustified, breach of contract …). However, in such a fragmented and diffuse like Internet, achieve this goal can be extremely epensive.

For this reason, the brand management is evolving in order to give visibility to partners, distributors and comments that help us to enhance and improve our brand. This requires a much more constant work, both monitoring and implementation of strategies to help those who care brand. The objective here is that those negative actions to have very difficult to achieve the level of visibility we got for positive through constant work.

The challenge is so huge that the companies must learn how to integrate into their processes the fact of reward and help those online channels to reinforce your brand image.

The benefits are as well as this work should reduce in the half term the number of crisis (and therefore costs) and also detect opportunities that are now difficult to imagine.

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